Ok… so we were having a glass of wine the other night and as I picked over our wine selection at the house I noticed one thing… all of the wines are pretty good and a real value.  Just another one of the fringe benefits of living in Spain, the world´s largest wine producer (by volume).  As my better half refers to them: our “four  amigos” of wine at the house were the following:

Our four wine amigos

Note one amigo has been tapped 😉  Some of these you can get outside of Spain, others you can´t but it was the value that struck me more than anything.  Total price for the four bottles 24 Euro. They are all decent wines, inluding the less than 3 Euro per bottle Covachos 2007 Reserva, from the lesser known Cariñena wine growing region in Aragón.  We picked this one to try becasue the name is the same as a cool beach cove on the coast of Cantabria. Complete success I must say.  It has found a place as a regular visitor in our wine staging area.

The other three are regular go-tos in our selection:

Cune – 2008 Crianza – Rioja

Marqués del Puerto – 2007 Crianza – Rioja

Marqués de Cáceres – 2007 Crianza – Rioja

While I am disappointed sometimes, more often than not I am pleasantly surprised by nice wines from the lesser known wine growing regions of Spain. Spain produces lots of really good wine at very reasonable prices and so much of it is unknown outside of the country. It is one of the things that surprises many folks that visit us in Cantabria, Northern Spain and get introduced to them, along with our incredible local cuisine, but that is a whole other post, or 300 😉